Sleevey Magic Reviews: Hide Flabby Arms & Stretch Your Wardrobe

Are you currently experiencing a love/hate relationship with sleeveless tops due to the flabby skin under your arms?

Do you wish that you could freely wear sleevely garments without feeling self-conscious when you raise your arms?

If so, then Sleevey Magic is the product that’s going to create new options for your wardrobe, and your confidence.

Sleevey Magic Review

Product Overview

Sleevey Magic is a camisole that’s designed to address the problem of flabby skin under the arms. Many women of all ages can experience this, but it’s extremely common in women who are beginning to experience middle-age, or who are in the throes of middle-age.

As the body ages, and as the muscle-tissue breaks down, the muscles become flabby, and the skin start to loose elasticity and sag. While toning the tricep muscles can do a great deal to firm the area, the skin often sags on its own, due to time, aging, and gravity.

When this takes place, many women try to hide the appearance of their flabby arms by avoiding sleeveless tops. While most people avoid sleeveless tops during the winter, most women enjoy a sleeveless top during the spring and summer months.

And, while some women are fine with wearing sleeveless tops no matter what their arms look like, many experience shame if they expose their flabby arms.

If you’re a woman who has been hiding her arms, then Sleevey Magic is the product for you. It’s designed with a fashionable look while offering compression technology. The compression will make your arms look toned, and you can wear the camisole underneath any type of sleeveless top or dress you’d like.

And, not only does the product come in a set of black and white camisoles, the product also features reversible necklines. You can wear the v-neck in the front, or you can turn the camisole around and wear the scoop neck in the back.


The purpose of Sleevey Magic is simple: You’ll wear these when you want to wear sleeveless tops and dresses, and you want to hide the appearance of flabby arms. These are also great to wear when you want to change the look of a sleeveless top (or dress) by adding sleeves. You can create lots of original ensembles that enable you to take the clothes you already own and create new looks.

Not only does this help you to save money, it also allows you to create new wardrobe looks while you’re traveling. As any traveler will advise, it’s best to take a very limited number of clothing ensembles, mixing them together to create different looks.

This allows you to pack lightly, carry less luggage, carry lighter luggage, avoid losing your clothing, wasting time on re-packing, and folding clothes.


Sleevey Magic comes in Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14), Extra-Large (16-18), and Extra-extra large(20-22).

For best results, you should purchase the camisole set in the clothing size that you currently wear. Because the sleeves are designed to compress the skin and the tissue around your upper arms, note that wearing a camisole that’s smaller than your current clothing size could cause serious health issues.

Consult your physician if you’re currently suffering with or have been diagnosed with:

  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Bruising
  • Edema
  • High blood pressure

…or any other type of circulation or nerve-damage issues

How To Use

Simply put on your Sleevey Magic camisole the same way that you’d put on any other top. Slide your head in the neck opening, then slide your arms through the sleeves. Note that the camisole is designed to stop at the bottom of your bustline.

You can wear the reversible camisole in two ways: You can wear the v-neck in the front, or you can twist the camisole around to the back and wear the scoop neck. Not only will you be able to wear the camisole with lots of different sleeveless tops and dresses, you’ll also have lots of neck-line options to create for your ensembles!

Additional Supplies Needed

There aren’t any addition supplies that you’ll need, but you’ll want to start buying sleeveless dresses, blouses, and vests so that you can start wearing your Sleevey Magic camisoles underneath them. If you already own these, then get ready to start realizing lots of great fashion options!

Who Needs Sleevey Magic?

You’ll love Sleevey Magic if:

  • You’re tired of hiding your arms
  • You want to be able to wear shift dresses
  • You long to wear vests or sleeveless tops
  • You like the idea of reinventing your wardrobe
  • You love the idea of a reversible-neck camisole
  • You travel, and you want to stretch your outfits
  • You want you arms to appear toned, and attractive
  • You like the way transparent sleeves look
  • You want to save money on wardrobe options
  • You want more variety in the clothes you purchase
  • You’re not allowed to wear sleeveless, exposed arms at work

How Is This Product Different From Other Long-Sleeved Camisoles?

There are other long-sleeved clothing solutions on the market, but this is a solution that specifically allows women to address the appearance of their flabby arms. As women begin to age, their lose tone in their arms, especially in the region under their arms known as the tricep area. This is also an area that can lose volume and become flabby after a woman loses a lot of weight.

This area starts to develop long, hanging skin that’s noticeable when a woman rises her arms, causing lots of self-consciousness. The triceps can be toned by exercise, but this takes time. Also, if a woman has lost a tremendous amount of weight, then the skin under her arms might be permanently stretched, and she’ll require surgery to remove the excess skin.

In any case, women who experience flabby arms avoid wearing sleeveless tops and dress. Not only is this a pain to deal with during the warmer months, it’s also inconvenient when a woman is shopping for shirts, or dresses.

Sleevey Magic aims to eliminate this problem.

If you buy Sleevey Magic, then you’ll find that you’ll not only be able to hide the appearance of flabby skin on the undersides of your arms, you’ll also realize lots of wardrobe options, because you’ll be able to wear the sleeves underneath vests, dresses, and blouses. And, because the material is transparent, you’ll also be able to wear these in during the summer months.

How Much Does Sleevey Magic Cost?

The price for the Sleevey Magic varies from time to time so we suggest you check online for the current pricing!