Fast Bright: Restoring Your Headlights And Safe Driving Conditions

Fast Brite™ Lens Restore   The Fastest Lens Rejuvenation Kit EverAre your vehicle’s headlights starting to look cloudy? Are they turning a black, gray, or yellow color? Do you need to replace your vehicle’s headlight lenses, but you’re a little low on money?

If any of these questions apply to you, or if other issues apply to you that are causing you concern about the condition of your headlights, then Fast Bright is a headlight lens restoration kit you’ll definitely want to learn more about!

Product Overview

Why would you need to replace your headlights? It’s due to a naturally-occurring process that happens over a period of time called oxidation.

In short, air reacts with the sun and the chemistry of your car’s headlights. All of these work together to cause discoloration and film. An article on the Delta Kits newsletter goes into detail about headlight oxidation, and more to the point, the dangers and the financial expense of headlight oxidation:

The majority of headlights manufactured today are made out of polycarbonate, very strong thermoplastic. Manufacturing polycarbonate headlights over traditional glass headlights has allowed car manufacturers to create headlights in all kinds of cool shapes and sizes, but there is one drawback: oxidation.

Oxidation is one of the major causes of yellowing in headlights. Many factors can cause oxidation, including: excessive heat, pollution, harsh detergents, ultra violet exposure from the sun, chemicals, etc. Over time all polycarbonate headlights will become oxidized and need to be replaced or restored. Oxidation creates limited visibility for drivers and safety becomes an issue; this is where headlight restoration comes in.

Headlight restoration is a process used to remove oxidation from headlights and to preserve the lenses by re-applying a protective UV-resistant coating. There are many benefits to headlight restoration and in this article we will be listing a few of them.

First and foremost is the benefit of safety. Vehicles are made with headlights for a reason, and when visibility is limited it can be very dangerous for the operator of the vehicle, pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers on the road. Headlight restoration makes the road safer for everyone.

As you can imagine, oxidation on your headlights is a serious issue that not only places you (and everyone riding inside of your vehicle) at risk, it also places innocent people outside your vehicle at risk, too. However, you might not be able to afford to replace your headlights, and now, you won’t have to.

You can easily restore the appearance and the safety features of your headlights by regularly applying a product such as Fast Bright.


The purpose of Fast Bright lens restoration system is simple: The system will allow you to restore the look of your headlight lenses while restoring your headlight’s safety features. You won’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the law simply because your headlights appeared to be too dim.

You won’t have to worry about accidentally running into objects, animals, or people, simply because your line of vision was obstructed by too little light shining out of your headlights, either.


Fast Bright comes in a kit with the following weight: 1 Fast Brite™ Lens Polish 2oz. Bottle, 1 Fast Brite™ Lens Protectant 2oz. Bottle, along with 1 Application Sponge

How To Use

The Fast Bright kit will come with specific instructions included, but in general, you’ll apply the lotion to the sponge that’s included in the kit. Then, you’ll apply the lotions, and follow the instructions regarding the amount of time you should allow the product to set into your headlight lens.

When it’s time for you to remove the product, you should notice that your headlights look just as good as they did when you first purchased your vehicle!

Additional Supplies Needed

You might want to purchase a bucket to contain water if you don’t already own a bucket for washing your car. It’s probably a good idea to have a garden hose on hand, too. Other than these, you’re all set, as long as you follow instructions.

If you know that you live in a region where the oxidation of your lenses will continue to be a problem, then it’s probably a good idea for you to purchase multiple lens cleaning kits.

Who Needs Fast Bright

Fast Bright is the product you’ve been waiting to get your hands on if:

  • You’ve been avoiding replacing your headlight lenses
  • You want a more cost-efficient method of dealing with your car’s headlight lenses
  • You’ve been pulled over by the cops because your headlights shine dangerously low
  • You’ve avoided running into an object you weren’t able to see
  • You’ve hit an animal in the middle of the road at night because you couldn’t see it
  • You fear for the safety of passengers inside your car, other drivers on the road, and pedestrians

How Is This Product Different 

Fast Bright is different from other types of lens restoration kits in a variety of ways. First, it’s very simple to apply. Just follow the instructions. The kit comes with two small bottles of formula, and a sponge. If you can read and apply potion to a sponge, then you’re all set!

Second, Fast Bright saves you time and money. While replacing your headlight lenses isn’t the most expensive purchase you’ll make for your vehicle, it still costs less to simply by an effective formula that will allow you restore the look and the safety of the lenses you already own…time and time again!

Finally, you’ll feel good knowing that you can drive safer at night, especially during those times of year when the sun sets earlier in the day.


You’ll receive a Fast Bright kit containing two bottles of formula plus a sponge for only $10.00, plus $7.95 processing and handling fee. Right now, if you buy one Fast Bright lens restoration kit, then you can receive the second full kit for free! You’ll just pay an additional $7.95 processing and handling fee.

The website says:

Buy One Fast Brite™ Kit, which includes 1 Fast Brite™ Lens Polish 2oz. Bottle, 1 Fast Brite™ Lens Protectant 2oz. Bottle and 1 Application Sponge, all for just $10.00 and $7.95 P&H and get a 2nd Fast Brite™ Kit FREE! Just pay separate $7.95 P&H.

Taxable States: PA residents add sales tax to your total order. Continental U.S. orders only. *All products have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Minus P&H).

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Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra: Free Youself, Finally

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra   Say Goodbye to Wires  Hooks and Straps   Get 3 Ahh Bras for the price of 1Why are more women ditching their traditional bras in favor of a bra-wearing experience like Rhonda Shear’s Ahh Bra?

Read on to learn more about the new bra system that will have women ditching their traditional bra, in droves!

Product Overview

Although a large majority of women will need to wear a bra, one thing is certain:

Most of them hate the experience of wearing a bra.

It all starts out fine, but as a woman’s body matures, and as she becomes busier and more active, she’ll soon learn that the bra that’s supposed to give her support does just the opposite. It creates discomfort, it hurts her, it causes her back pain, it causes her breasts to sag, and it makes her feel tempted to resort to less fashionable options.

Fortunately, women don’t have to choose between style and function. They can purchase the Ahh Bra and enjoy the best bra wearing experience possible.


You’ll want to purchase the Ahh Bra for a few reasons.

First, this is the bra set that you’ll need if you’re ready to trash your ill-fitting, painful bras. Bra-related pain is a real problem for millions of women. They try to relieve the pain with visits to the chiropractor, or with pain pills.

Or, many women find that they need to purchase larger-sized bras to ease their pain, but larger bras doesn’t provide the necessary support that they need. And, there’s many women who find that most bra cups are too ample for their uniquely-small breasts.

Then, there are women who want to wear a bra that resembles a camisole with their low-cut tops, dresses, and even, their jumpsuits. The designers of the Ahh Bra have recognized all of these issues, and they’ve designed a bra that addresses all of the reasons why women dread wearing bras.


The Ahh Bra comes in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from extra small, to 3x. The bust sizes range from 32, to 52 1/2. So, as you can see, there’s probably an Ahh Bra size for your needs.

How To Use

Unlike traditional bras, the Ahh Bra is designed to slipped over your head like a shirt. You’ll slide your head, neck, and shoulders through the top, and then you’ll adjust the front cup area over your breasts for an appropriate, comfortable fit.

Additional Supplies Needed

You don’t need to purchase any additional supplies in order to enjoy the Ahh Bra. However, the deal is packaged in a group of three bras, so you should definitely take advantage of the advertised deal.

Who Needs Ahh Bra

You’re going to rush to purchase Rhonda Shear’s Ahh Bra if:

  • You’re tired of your traditional bra straps digging into your skin
  • You’re tired of dealing with the pain of wearing a traditional bra
  • You hate the way that a traditional bra digs into your flesh
  • Your traditional bra doesn’t offer you enough cup support
  • You need more cup support without stretching out your bra’s fabric
  • You want to wear the bra underneath low-cut tops while still looking classy
  • You’d love to wear a bra that breathes
  • You need to wear a bra that’s flexible and moves with you
  • You’d love to buy a bra that holds its shape after tossing it in the washer

How Is This Product Different From Other Wireless Bras

Ladies often face a ton of challenges when they’re looking for bras to begin with. Many women would probably love to skip wearing a bra if they could get away with it. But, alas, as most discover with age, wearing a bra is a necessary evil.

However, they feel evil because they can be uncomfortable, or downright painful to wear!

The straps dig into the shoulder blades, causing radiating pain in the shoulder, the back, and the neck. This is especially true for women with an especially voluptuous cup sizes or those with thick shoulders.

The typical bra cup doesn’t hold up to everyday wear, and washing. The cups soon begin to sag, stretch, snag, and lose its general shape, and elasticity. This makes for an inferior bra wearing experience. In order to compensate, many women either purchase bras that are too large (providing too much gapping), or they wear bras that are too tight around the body, digging into the flesh.

And, bras that dig into the skin often cause that dreaded layer of fat and flash commonly referred to as bra flab.

The common solution is to purchase a wireless bra, but the typical wireless bra on the market offers poor support. Some women wear athletic bras, but typically, athletic bras are too tight around the chest, since they’re designed to compress the breasts during short periods of heavy activity.

And, typically, an athletic bra isn’t designed for fashion. It shows through certain cuts of blouses (and shirts), it doesn’t cup the breasts in a flattering way, and it’s just plain ugly to look at. When a woman wears an athletic bra, and if the bra shows through her regular clothes, then she can appear to be sloppy about her clothing choices.

This is why purchasing a bra such as Rhonda Shear’s Ahh Bra is so important!

It’s specifically designed to add an additional flair to a woman’s fashion choices. More women nowadays are wearing sleeveless shirts. They also wear low-cut shirts, and jumpsuits. They also like wearing vest-style shirts. All of these cuts (and others) call for a bra that compliments the ensemble in a way that looks like the bra is a part of the ensemble.

At the same time, women need to wear a bra that offers premium support. The Ahh Bra does just that!


The cost of Rhonda Shear’s Ahh Bra is $59.99, plus $5.99 shipping and handling. According to the site, the price is only good for a limited time.

The manufacturer also states:

When you order today, you will receive 3 Ahh Bras – 1 Black, 1 White and 1 Nude Ahh Bra – for just $59.99 plus $9.99 S&H!

*State tax will be added to orders for: CA and FL. 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (minus S&H).

Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.